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Leave a legacy.

Learn how to secure your financial future through the guidance of Parker Financial Associates.

Parker Financial is an independent, full-service financial advising firm with offices in Omaha, NE and Lincoln, NE.

The team at Parker Financial specializes in helping clients who are in, nearing, or planning for retirement. Our easy-to-follow process will help build wealth in the years leading up to retirement and help preserve wealth for future generations to come.

Do I need a financial advisor?

Answer these 5 simple questions to begin your financial journey.

What can Parker Financial do for you?

We inspire our clients to build wealth and leave a legacy through three simple steps.

An Individualized Financial Plan

Acting as a fiduciary asset manager, your plan is custom-built to reach your financial target, with your best interests in mind.

An Extensive Wealth Building Toolkit

Finances can be complex, but the tools don’t have to be. We are committed to educating you on the right tools for your wealth building strategy.

Easy-to-Understand Fee Structure

You will understand the costs associated with your investments. It is designed to be easy to understand and puts your best interests first.

Learn and Grow with
Parker Financial

At Parker Financial, we believe in having the heart of a teacher. We never want our clients to stop learning and growing. In between financial reviews, stay up-to-date with our easy-to-understand market content, as well as our educational and family events.

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