The Parker Story



Our Story

Parker Financial Associates was founded on the principles of integrity, hard work, and kindness. Born in South Dakota and raised in northeastern Nebraska, Robbie Stapleton found himself working for the family business serving up pizzas to people in small towns out of an old school bus, long before food trucks became popular. One of the first towns to get the pizza bus on a regular basis was Parker, South Dakota, hometown to both of Robbie’s parents. Parker was the classic feel-good small town, where kids could ride their bikes around town and the only rule was to be home by dinner. This is where Robbie learned the value of hard work and got to enjoy spending time with family and friends for holidays and county fairs. It turns out, he was not only making a couple of bucks to spend at the local baseball card store, but it was also where Robbie began to understand the principles it took to run a good business. 

With his upbringing, college degrees in math and history, and a passion for helping people, Robbie sought out a profession where he could start his own business, just like his father. After obtaining his licenses and working in the financial industry for 7 years, Robbie decided to go out on his own and create Parker Financial.

Parker Financial Associates is an independent, full-service financial advising firm specializing in serving clients who are in, nearing, or planning for retirement. This includes setting up an IRA, rolling over an old 401k, or planning for retirement income. With offices in Omaha and Lincoln, Parker Financial Associates can help guide you through everything from collecting Social Security and preparing for Medicare, to determining your risk tolerance and selecting investments, and building a budget to live on.