Celebrate 529 College Savings Day



Celebrate 529 College Savings Day

As it is May 29th, we think it is appropriate to celebrate 529 Day, which recognizes the rising cost of college tuition and the opportunities parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles have in helping save for future education. A 529 college savings account helps save for college and offers some tax advantages along the way. The below titled “529 Education Planning” offers some insight into the advantages of saving for college with a 529 account.

Also, with the coronavirus having such a drastic impact on future employment, we thought our recent college graduates and anyone else that has been let go during this difficult time, could use some tips on brushing off that old resume and getting themselves ready for the job hunt.  Please see the below titled “Job-Search Tips for Recent Graduates,” from MFS in regard to some helpful information.

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