Deadlines Are Approaching

The fourth quarter is upon us.  Now is a good time to take a step back and see what items need to be taken care of before the December 31st deadline.  The two most popular deadlines are for clients needing to take their required minimum distribution (RMD) or clients looking to fund a college savings 529 plan. 



College Tuition in Nebraska

As the school year inches ever closer on the horizon, families in Nebraska and around the country are preparing to send their kids off to college. Albeit an exciting time for both parents and kids as they venture off to a new world, college does come with it’s worries, the greatest of which is the cost of attendance.

How to Start a Conversation with Your Grown Children Who Haven't Started Investing Yet

If you’re planning to talk to your 20-something child who hasn’t started investing yet, the key to a productive conversation is how you start it. Many parents find themselves getting off on wrong foot, which effectively ends the conversation before it starts. Try these conversation starters to encourage your son or daughter to start improving their own financial future. 

Tax Implications of Working from Home

In addition to causing countless hardships, the COVID-19 pandemic has created smaller issues that may be easy to overlook during a crisis. With employees working remotely far more often, for example, one such issue is the complexity of a scattered workforce and its various tax implications.

It's Our Anniversary

As we continue through the difficult first half of 2020, we want to thank you for making this last year a special one for Parker Financial.


Celebrate 529 College Savings Day

As it is May 29th, we think it is appropriate to celebrate 529 Day, which recognizes the rising cost of college tuition and the opportunities parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles have in helping save for future education. 

Plan for the Future

If you are a recent graduate, new in your career, or looking to start a family you have a lifetime of experiences and adventures ahead of you. Now is the time to identify your goals and become financially independent. 

Market Volatility

As the world still grapples with the spread of COVID-19, we hope you and your family are healthy and safe.  The market posted a nice gain last week, slowing some of the fall it had from its high in mid-February.  Although it was nice to see the market head up, we don’t think the volatility has passed just yet. 

Opportunities During a Bear Market

I have spent the last few weeks in reviews talking about opportunities we see during a bear market like the one caused by the coronavirus.  We thought the most efficient way to educate our client base is to share some tips you might be able to take advantage of while the market is down.

Ride Out a Volatile Stock Market

With fears of the coronavirus and the volatile impacts that fear has had on the markets and our everyday lives, I wanted to share some insight into the power of the tuning out the noise and staying invested through the bear market.